Top 5 Classical Music Podcasts

Musica Marin Top Classical Music Podcasts

Podcasts have become increasingly popular over the past few years and for good reason. They provide interesting, knowledgeable and valuable information in an often short period of time. Great listening for in the car, around the house or while traveling! Being classical music enthusiasts, we’ve come up with a list of the top 5 classical music podcasts to listen to now!



Recommended Classical Music Podcasts

1. Classical Performance Podcast (

From WGBH out of Boston comes a podcast featuring live classical performances. Listen to masters of the classical music world and local up and comers with an educational introduction! The host Allen is pleasant and provides great exposure for new and old classical music enthusiasts.

2. New Classical Tracks with Julie Amacher (

Julie Amacher and her team provide something amazing in this weekly podcast of new classical releases. She speaks to the background of the performer and style of music while explaining why this particular release is interesting or exciting. She covers a wide range of facts in a short amount of time that is quick and easy to listen to.

3. Classical podcast from (

This podcast is great for listeners looking for all classical music with no interruptions. 60 minutes of Classical, all commercial free, with no talking DJ between songs. Just great classical music all the time.

4. Barbican Classical Music Podcast (

From Europe’s largest multi-arts and venue comes a behind the scenes podcast producing exclusive interviews from classical artists, orchestras, and ensembles. Each guest takes you behind the scene of their favorite classical pieces and current performances. If you’re looking for conversation surrounding the history of classical and current classical music this is for you.

5. Classical Podcasts, Podcast Feed (

This podcast and website provide a through amount of content surrounding classical music. Episodes range from round-table critics discussions, musician interviews, to wide ranging surveys of composers works. The people behind this podcast know what makes a good performance, and have built an entire site and podcast feed around their passion. While it is a beautiful conversations, episodes can often be lengthy so prepare accordingly!

All podcast can be found by clicking on the titles and following the links!