Front Row Seat…and a Back Stage Pass

The Front Row Experience

In today’s world, people have many choices in experiencing live music and performance. It is the live experience that is so meaningful and significant to us as people who respect the arts.

If you have ever felt the transformative power of classical music in a concert hall or stage venue, the passion of Brahms, the exhilarating depth of Beethoven, the expansiveness of Schumann, Musica Marin delivers this in intimate, uplifting environments.

We at Musica Marin believe that live music not only enhances the mind’s creative ability, but implores the soul to reach for higher qualities, and, ultimately, affirms and furthers that community in a fun, purposeful way.

Our diverse, singular, beautiful settings for each event will encourage audiences to interact directly with the musicians, thus connecting with the music on that higher, transformative level. The Musica Marin audience then becomes a vital part of the musical performance in the physical and emotional exchange between performer and listener.

To be so close to the raw act of creating and interpreting high art of this caliber is to feel the electricity of the musical vibrations in your body, the very voices of the singers melding with your thoughts and feelings. This is what Musica Marin strives to create in its Front Row Experience.

The Back Stage Pass Experience

When you get up from your Front Row seat, you will feel no partitioning curtain fall, or stage lights dim as house lights throw you back into the mundane world of anonymous concert-goers.

The curtains open readily, the atmosphere grows convivial as you and your colisteners are invited to share your musical experience not just with one another, but with the performers. Within this incredible setting the smells of world-class cuisine impel you to partake of the great food and wine that is always part of your Musica Marin Back Stage Pass Experience.

Conversation and fellow-feeling flow as free as the wine at this time and you will be up close and able to speak with Musica Marin’s world-class performers while sharing libation and appreciation with them.

This kind of unique interaction in such beautiful, intimate settings make for lasting experiences for all participants, and “back stage” becomes a warm, exciting time in which you will linger long after the valets have brought the cars for you and your co-participants to return home.