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Musica Marin

The finest in international chamber music, gourmet food and dedicated philanthropy.

Our Philanthropy

Musica Marin is committed to nurturing and inspiring the next generation of musicians through our Young Artist Programs, which includes the Young Artist Performance Program, the Young Artist Scholarship Program, the Composer-in-Resident Program, and the Young American Composer New Work Competition.

The Young Artists Performance Program gives up-and-coming young artists an opportunity to rehearse and perform with professional musicians at a Musica Marin event and receive financial compensation.

The Musica Marin Young Artists Scholarship Program gives scholarships to musically gifted students wishing to pursue an advanced music education. In the past, Musica Marin has granted funds to the San Francisco Boys Chorus, the Mill Valley Film Festival Education Program and The Juilliard School Scholarship Program, specifically to a California student.

Clint Borzoni

The Young Composer New Work Competition is a new chamber music composition to be premiered by Musica Marin. Winner will be mentored by Musica Marin’s musicians and Resident Composer Clint Borzoni. More information to come.

Young artists and groups who have joined us in the past include the Merolinis - a group of young up-and-coming singers from the Merola Opera Program and pianists from the Merola Adler Program, the San Francisco Boys Chorus, and Simple Harmonic Motion - an acapella quartet from California Polytechnic in San Luis Obispo. Musica Marin has also welcomed many young Bay Area musicians, including a young violinist who began her first year at The Juilliard School in Fall 2018.

If you would like to make a donation to Musica Marin, please contact Ruth Kahn at 732-261-7737 or

Simple Harmonic Motion is a new, fun, and professional barbershop quartet comprised exclusively of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo students Justin Privitera (Tenor 1), Dylan Moreland (Tenor 2), Jacob Siderman (Baritone), and Joey Lombardi (Bass).