Musica Marin Welcomes Clint Borzoni

Musica Marin is honored to have Clint Borzoni become part of our musical family!

Clint Borzoni, Musica Marin’s new Composer-in-Residence, was in the Bay Area on Thursday, May 19 in preparation for the Spring 2016 Concert Event. He presented his world premiere suite for string quartet at the concert event in Belvedere, CA on Sunday May 22 at 3:00 pm.

Clint is an award-winning New York City-based young up-and-coming composer who worked with Musica Marin’s Artistic Director and Founder Ruth Ellen Kahn during the previous January 2016 event. He debuted two new works he had written for string quartet and baritone, widening the repertoire.

Michael Colbruno, who knew of Clint’s great talents, a great patron of the arts and a member of the Merola Opera Board, came in contact with Ruth through Twitter, and they talked about his commissioning the two pieces that Borzoni would write for the January event. Before they even met Clint, Ruth, and Marco Vassali, a German-Italian baritone based in Germany rehearsed together multiple times on Skype.

Mr. Colbruno flew Clint out to the Bay Area, and Clint attended the January event and talked about the two world premiere songs. The two German language poems set to Borzoni’s music were sang by Marco, who was making his U.S. debut singing these world premiere songs.

Clint and Ruth, along with Marco, got to know each other well during the time and became good friends. The connection that New York City has for Clint and Ruth, as well, was a part of their instant connection.

After the January event, Clint stayed in touch with Ruth, having the intention of doing some future collaboration. The idea that Clint could be the Composer-in-Residence for Musica Marin came up, and Ruth thought it was a fantastic idea.

The world debut piece that Clint has written for the Spring 2016 Concert Event is a suite for string quartet When Adonis Calls which fits perfectly with the premiere of the unique, beautiful instruments of the Calypso Quartet created by Christophe Landon and hand-decorated by French artist Jean- Patrick Guilbert.They have been friends and associates for over 30 years. Along with the new Borzoni piece played on the new instruments, Musica Marin musicians performed Beethoven’s Opus 18, no. 4 in C Minor, 1st movement for string quartet, and Fauré’s String Quartet in E Minor.

In the Quartet in C minor, Beethoven moves towards the concerto form, an almost orchestral construction, outlined by the harmony and the cluster of secondary voices, thus allowing the first violin to dominate the scene. Faure’s String Quartet in E Minor was his last work, taken up at the urging of his student at the time Maurice Ravel, and was not debuted until after his death. Both pieces are markedly different, but Beethoven’s insistent passion and Faure’s intense lyricism will make for a good balance with the Borzoni debut piece. Sarn Oliver, a good friend of both Ruth and Christophe, will also be playing some virtuoso solo pieces on one of the Calypso Quartet instruments.

Another exciting part of Clint Borzoni’s residency with Musica Marin will be his participation in the judging of the new “Musica Marin Clint Borzoni Young Composer Award” open to college undergraduates, and the new “Musica Marin Young Artist Award” which will open to talented high school string and piano players both. In this kind of mentoring process, young composers and artists will get to compose and play with truly talented working artists.