Musica Marin San Francisco Boy’s Chorus

There is something that happens to us when we hear the voices of children singing, a feeling of renewal, hope, and generosity fill our hearts and bring joyful thoughts to our minds.

San Francisco Boys Chorus will be performing in Musica Marin’s 2016 Spring Concert Event. They have an international reputation and an extensive repertoire of songs having sung for such notables as President Barack Obama, Pope John Paul II, Queen Elizabeth II, and Mikhail Gorbachev. They will be accompanied by renowned Musica Marin musicians.

The Boys Chorus was founded in 1948 by Madi Bacon and Gaetano Merola to provide singers for the San Francisco Opera. Ian Robertson is the current Director since 1996 of the Chorus.

For Musica Marin’s Artistic Director and Founder Ruth Ellen Kahn, her 7-year long relationship with San Francisco Boys Chorus has been an intimate one. Both of her sons, Jacob and Josh, have been part of the Boys Chorus, and Jacob had traveled with the organization singing in Russia, Denmark, and Costa Rica. Having been part of the Boys Chorus also allowed Jacob the opportunity to sing in the chorus of San Francisco Opera’s “Carmen.”

Ruth’s connection to the Boys Chorus has also been philanthropic as Musica Marin has raised $3200 for them.

There will also be a display of unique, evocative visual artwork by Jean-Patrick Guilbert. His artwork has the same kind of copper powder oxidation process applied to it as the Calypso Quartet instruments which he hand-decorated for friend and colleague Christophe Landon. Several of Mr. Guilbert’s works of art can be found in the permanent collection of The New-York Historical Society in New York City. Mr. Guilbert’s painting, “Skyline Looking Toward New Jersey from the Upper West Side,” has the distinction of being the first new work accepted in the 21st century by The New-York Historical Society’s museum collections committee for their permanent collection. His work is represented in a number of private collections in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Munich, and Korea; owned by such noteworthy individuals as the late film director Robert Altman, the artist Yuri Kuper, and the violin maker Christophe Landon; and many of his early sculptures were purchased by the Galerie Franck Pages in Baden-Baden, Germany.

Before and after the musical element of the event, French-inspired appetizers, champagne, and white wine will be served to guests.