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20th Century Music

Music in the last hundred years has undergone unprecedented changes that musicians and scholars could not have foreseen. Even with the technological innovations that drove the Industrial Revolution, no one could have imagined that music in the 20th century would have changed as rapidly as it did.


Interesting Facts from Classical Music

Although musical history stretches back to the beginning of time, of the handful of well-known musicians, they come mostly from the Classical period, which was only a couple hundred years ago. The Classical period lasted from 1750-1825, but was very influential to modern music. By this time in history, America had been colonized and revolted, […]


The Periods of Classical Music

The periods of classical music denote not only changes in musical style and its progression as an art form, but it also supplies us with a linear timeline that provides a historical backdrop against which we can understand and measure society´s influence.


The History of Music Salons

For centuries, music has played an important role in all classes of community social life. Further examples of performances can be seen throughout history: Bach and his sons giving concerts at coffee houses and accompanying Frederick the Great on flute as he played for guests; young Mozart entertaining in the fashionable salons and being fêted […]