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20th Century Music

Music in the last hundred years has undergone unprecedented changes that musicians and scholars could not have foreseen. Even with the technological innovations that drove the Industrial Revolution, no one could have imagined that music in the 20th century would have changed as rapidly as it did.


2016 Trends in Classical Music

What’s been happening with classical music this year? Here are a few trends we’ve noticed so far in 2016.


Boosting Your Immune System with Music

Music has the power to change your emotional state, and as a result, can boost your overall health. After listening to classical music, a group of people were found to have several improved aspects of health (le Roux, Bouic, & Bester, 2007). Depending on the type of music listened to, music can decrease negative moods, […]


Does Listening To Background Music Help You Learn?

Do you enjoy playing music when you read or study? Listening to background music, especially classical or new age melodies, has a calming effect and can help lift your mood. On the other hand, it may not be a good idea to listen to tunes if you’re doing work that requires memorization or recall. According […]


Classical Music for Relaxation

When you’re feeling stressed, nothing is more relaxing than retreating to a quiet room and listening to the sounds of soft music. So effective is the power of music to transform the mood that an entire therapy has arisen around the concept of music for relaxation known as music therapy. The idea of music therapy […]


Music Benefits the Body and Soul

John Thomas, a 60-year-old man, plays his guitar almost every day. He’s never had musical training. He can play “by ear.” He practices songs from well-known guitarists such as Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana. To challenge himself, he also creates his tunes. Carla Jones, a 35-year-old, enjoys listening to music on a regular basis, favoring […]