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Cellist Erik Anderson On How Bach Shaped His Love Of Classical Music

If you ask Erik Anderson about his love for music, he’ll tell you it didn’t start in childhood. In fact, it took years before Anderson chose music as his way of life – and the path to get there wasn’t a straight one. Today, Anderson is an accomplished cello player and conductor with a particular […]


Teacher and Pianist Dianna Anderson On How Music Has Shaped Her Life

Pianist and chamber musician Dianna Anderson has had a passion for sound since she was a little girl. That passion has evolved into an award-winning career that reaches out to young musicians from the stage and the classroom. We talked to Anderson about her career and her musical future.


Christophe Landon: When Making Instruments Become an Art

Prize-winning violin maker Christophe Landon has been designing and building violins since he was a teenager. Today, Landon makes violin for the New York Philharmonic, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, and many world renowned artists. We talked to Landon about his work with Musica Marin and what has fueled his passion throughout the years.


Where Art and Music Meet: The Work of Jean-Patrick Guilbert

French-born Jean-Patrick Guilbert has been involved in the arts since childhood. Today, his work — paintings, sculptures, and metalsmithing — is part of the permanent collection at the New-York Historical Society in New York City and has appeared in a number of collections and exhibits around the world. We talked to Guilbert about his work […]


Meet Clint Borzoni: Composer and Artist in Residence

Composer Clint Borzoni was first introduced to Music Marin by his friend Michael Colbruno. “He commissioned me to write two songs for baritone Marco Vassalli,” explains Borzoni. “Musica Marin premiered those two songs at their concert on January 22, 2016.”