Boosting Your Immune System with Music

musica marinMusic has the power to change your emotional state, and as a result, can boost your overall health. After listening to classical music, a group of people were found to have several improved aspects of health (le Roux, Bouic, & Bester, 2007). Depending on the type of music listened to, music can decrease negative moods, lower stress-induced hormones in your body, and enhance your immune system.

Being human, you’ve undoubtedly experienced depression, anxiety, or other negative emotions in your life; however, you may not have known that emotions connect with a certain part of your brain that indirectly affect your immune system. For example, when you’re anxious, an area of your brain will cause a hormonal change in your body. This hormonal change relates to cortisol – a stress hormone. Having high levels of cortisol in your body over a long period of time can lower your immune system, making you more susceptible to illness.

Alternatively, listening to positive music can change your mood for the better, and thus, prevent a weakened immune system. For instance, after listening to classical music in the major mode, participants of a study had decreased levels of cortisol in their blood (le Roux et al., 2007). Furthermore, the people in this study completed a tool that rated their emotions, which included: tension, anger, depression, and confusion. After the study, those who listened to music had noticeably improved scores on the emotional rating tool. Interestingly, it has been found that music in the major mode can put you in a state of well-being, while music in the minor mode can cause you to be sad (le Roux et al., 2007).

Knowing the above, you can carefully select what kind of music you listen to when you’re feeling sad or anxious. Especially during flu season, make sure to choose immune-boosting tunes. You have the power to put your mind and body in a positive place.


le Roux, F. H., Bouic, P. J. D., Bester, M. M. (2007). The effect of Bach’s Magnificat on emotions, immune, and endocrine parameters during physiotherapy treatment of patients with infectious lung conditions. Journal of Music Therapy, 44(2), 156-168. Retrieved from ProQuest Database.