Musica Marin:

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Musica Marin is a premier non-profit concert series that is dedicated to preserving musical culture through providing unique, quality music programs and concerts that cultivate and grow audiences’ awareness and participation in the musical arts. By bringing together world-renowned artists from Europe, New York City, and the S.F. Bay Area to collaborate with exceptionally-gifted up-and-coming young performers.

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An Intimate Experience
We put the chamber back in chamber music

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I Loved It

“I loved it. I closed my eyes while the music transported me to amazing magical places.”

Jacquelene A, Tiburon

Thrill to See

“It is a thrill to see Musica Marin coming to the community”

Connie, Mill Valley

Intimacy Like A Song

“The intimacy of the event was like a song. In the beginning, the anticipation of musicians and the elegance of the setting invited you in; in the middle all the beauty and emotions were celebrated in the music; and at the end the warm mix of musicians and audience over lovely food and wine was just confirmation of a soul-felt musical celebration.”

Dr. Teena Scovis

Wonderful New Trend

“Beautiful setting, beautiful view”, “Wonderful new trend, to see this is just spectacular”

Bonnie, San Rafael

Wowed Constantly

“You can’t help being engaged, delighted and wowed constantly”, ” My tears kept dropping, but those were happy tears”

Kunkun, Tiburon

So Much Good

“How great that such an afternoon can generate so much good from having a good time!”

Jack S., San Francisco, CA

Winning Combination

“My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the inaugural Musica Marin event in San Francisco. Fun to hear the top-notch ensembles as well as the young voices of the boys. It was a winning combination of beautiful music and surroundings, and all for a good cause. We are looking forward to the next one!”

Beverly Coughlin, Mill Valley, CA

A World Class Home Concert

“That was a world class home concert. I know we will have more to come in 2015!”

Michael Z, Belvedere

Enlivened Senses

“All my senses were enlivened. I could smell the food, taste the wine, listen to the music, and see the beauty outside the window.”

Dr. Albert Frankel

Nowhere Else

“Nowhere else would I rather be then right here right now.”

Carolyn P. , Mill Valley, CA


“It was a one-of-a-kind musical experience.”

John B, San Francisco

Moment of Beauty

“You created a moment of beauty and of lasting value to the community.”

Ann G., Tiburon, CA

Professional Artistry

“I consider Musica Marin’s charitable objectives to be very worthwhile, which in this excellent presentation was a combination of professional artistry and youth education. These great goals encouraged every effort toward what became a more than successful event. The musicians were of the highest level of ability and the young men from the San Francisco Boys Chorus (beneficiaries of the afternoon) were refreshing in their singing quality.”

Jack S., San Francisco, CA

Pure Magic

“It was pure magic!”

Marsha S, Sausalito, CA

World Class

” We were blown away today, quality of the music was world class.”

Simon S, Belvedere

It Was an Afternoon to Remember!

“Just want to let you know what a wonderful gift you gave to me….many, many thanks. It was an afternoon to remember!
And to let you know that I, and my house is always available for an evening with Musica Marin.”

Fantastic and Uplifting

“Musica Marin was a huge success and met all expectations and more. The music was fantastic and uplifting.”

Lynn F., Tiburon, CA

World of Beauty and Serenity

“The event was wonderful. It was a real treat to slip into a world of beauty and serenity for an afternoon. You are a remarkable artist and impresario. Well done!!”

Ann G, Tiburon




Christophe Landon, Rare Violins, of New York City. Christophe Landon and Musica Marin will collaborate this season. Stay tuned for more information to come.







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